On November 28 we will discuss “Dialogue. Paradoxes and opportunities”

In the autumn of Thursday the Museum closes on November 28 at 9 pm with the presentation of the book The dialogue. Paradoxes and opportunities (Agorà & Co, 2019) by Umberto Crocetti, the author, Alessandro Biancalani, director of the series and Chiara Mariotti, editorial coordinator, intervene

What is philosophy for? In the contemporary panorama its role appears increasingly marginal, subject to the claim of supremacy of the Productive Technical System. Why, then, a book on dialogue? In the dialogue the author identifies the principal means through which philosophy seeks to re-establish its primacy in the hierarchy of spiritual activities, following the Aristotelian model that associates the uselessness of the Logos with its emancipating importance with respect to the human tendency to create mythologies .

Dialogue as the most authentic form of philosophizing, in the light of the conclusions, is the widest opportunity through which humanity can get out of the spiritual desertification that, for a couple of centuries, has accompanied the incessant progress of technical-productive civilization.

Umberto Crocetti after the Classical Maturity at the Classical High School “Tommaso Parentucelli” in Sarzana, graduated from the University of Pisa, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, with a thesis in medieval philosophy entitled: “Ruggero Bacone, a Franciscan friar in the thirteenth century. A hypothesis of reconstruction “. After his military service, he began teaching at various high schools in the province of Massa. In the mid-nineties, he became Professor of History and Philosophy at the IIS “Da Vinci” in Villafranca, initially at the “Leonardo da Vinci” High School and later at the Liceo Classico “Giacomo Leopardi », Where he still teaches as a permanent professor. In the school he has held various positions of collaboration with the leadership as vicar lecturer and head of the office.

Since 2006 he has been the promoter and coordinator of the “Culture of Debate” project, which in recent years has developed into very wide-ranging activities, gradually involving all the high schools in the province of Massa, gathered in the “Apuania dibatte” network.

As network coordinator he led the Tuscan regional selection at the I National Olympic Debate 2017. He is currently in charge of the Tuscan regional selection for the second edition of the 2019 Olympics.

He actively collaborates with some cultural associations of the area. In particular, for the Aullese Center of Studies and Research «Giulivo Ricci» has published the article «Galileo as a sign of contradiction» La Spezia 2010.