Narration Room

An environment designed as an area of meeting and social exchange where the community can recognize itself in memories and narrative voices, open to the fantastic creations of the popular tradition that has come to an end as well as to the suggestions of an imaginary projected into the future.

A space evocative of a narrative dimension – that of orality – which has founded the civilization of writing, printing and multimedia communication today. Exhibition area of representations and characters of the imaginary, that is, of a mode of thought and language common to every territory and era of the human species.

A place where you can discover the taste of the word that narrates and enchants, but also the transformative and regenerating power of a fantastic world that creates knowledge and wisdom, crossing myths, tales and traditions, from classical antiquity to the present day.

The Room

Sala racconti

The heart of the museum: a space to narrate, free for everyone, to present books, hold conferences, to enter the maze of the museum.

Large traditional tables prepare the visitor for the journey; help in the journey the supplied tablets and the big screen in the room.

Traditional fairy tales and tales from the archive, in textual form or read on audio-video, are returned to the community through a large screen, responding to various requests and curiosities. On the “narrator’s desk” a voice is given to anyone who wants to contribute with memories and testimonies to enrich the museum’s database.

The repertoire available includes thematic podcasts, an audio-guide that locates the stories along tourist routes in the area, a search engine to consult the cataloged documents. In this room, events are organized almost all year round, both in person and online, such as themed narratives, book presentations, video conferences, readings, exhibitions, training courses, laboratory activities for students and performances managed by local animation groups.