The Warewolf

Lupo Mannaro

According to legend, the werewolf, also known as the werewolf or wolf man, would be a human being condemned by a curse (or already from birth) to become a ferocious beast at every full moon.

The most common form is told by the wolf, but in certain cultures the bear, the ox (Erchitu) or the wild cat prevail.

It is important to note that werewolf and werewolf are not always synonymous: in fact, in popular legends the werewolf is sometimes simply a large wolf with anthropophagous habits, which can be associated with a monstrous nature. Furthermore, in the case of the werewolf as a shapeshifter, one can distinguish between the werewolf, which turns against its will, and the werewolf, which can be transformed whenever it wishes and without losing its reason (the human component).

Videostories (only in Italian)

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