Visiting the Museum: new rules

Visiting the Museum: new rulesLa visita al Museo: nuove regole

Since May 29th, if you want to visit the Museum Museo Italiano dell’Immaginario Folklorico, it is necessary to respect some rules in order to guarantee visitors’ protection, respecting the rules established by the Government and by Tuscany Region.

To get in to the Museum you should make a reservation at this telephone number:  351 9527312. The Museum is open to the public from 4pm to 7pm, Friday to Sunday and accessible to a maximum of five people at a time. Each visitor must necessarily wear a mask and disinfect hands with the hand-sanitizing gel at the entrance of the Museum, and keep at least a distance of one meter from each other. The staff of the museum sanitize all of the spaces and rooms every day and also every object such as chairs or tablets used by visitors.

It is allowed the use of smartphones and personal tablets, thanks to which it is possible to get online info about the Museum.

This is the organization of the visit:

1st room – Narration room

In this room it is possible to read big panels dedicated to some traditional figures with the help of a personal tablet or a museum’s tablet. In addition it is possible to attend narrations and educational videos on a large screen still in this room (maximum five people seated). An exhibition of drawings can also be visited: it is the results of mutual activities between the Museum and the students of Ms Enrica Giannasi, a teacher of the Liceo Artistico Musicale “Passaglia” of Lucca, during the school year 2018-2019. These drawings are inspired by the reading of our tales and they represent the frightening characters of these tales.

2nd room – Room of  woven and weaving

 Only one person at a time can visit this room where it is possible to admire baskets and the old frame still working, and to find insights into the use of them with the help of a tablet.

3rd room – Maggio’s room

Only one visitor at a time can use the computer of this room thanks to which it is possible to watch a long list of videos of the Maggio Drammatico’s representations

4th room – Library and archive

In this room, a visitor at a time, can find a rich paper and multimedia archive of the Museum but the consultation is temporarily forbidden. In the room there is also our collection of Masks

5th room – Bookshop

It is possible, always one person at a time, to buy books or any kind of object you find there with the assistance of the museum staff