This image has the alt attribute empty; The file name is archive-of-stories-1.png The heart of the Museum, with its archive of oral testimonies and its library, makes available to tourists, teachers, students and scholars both audio and video recordings with local contributions, as well as paper material: degree theses and unpublished research conducted on the national territory by Prof. Alberto Borghini, former professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Pisa and current Director of the Museum. It is a vast heritage of popular fiction: fairy tales, myths, legends, beliefs, rituals, nursery rhymes collected by the living voice of witnesses and informants, also through the activity of the cultural association “La Giubba” which manages the Museum and the collaboration of local schools. The Museum proposes itself as a research center and a factor of social aggregation, soliciting the continuous collection of oral memories that gradually form our publications (foles, legends, comics that have as protagonists the figures of the imagination of Lucca).